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> I believe what you are aiming for is a function already provided, or which
> could be provided, through local chapters of GNHLUG.  When you're talking
> about general advocacy "local" is important, and a special interest group is
> thus redundant with the local GNHLUG chapters.
> If you had a group of people willing to conduct special "new user"
> workshops, I'm sure the chapter that meets in Nashua would be more than
> happy to have them, you may even meet other people in Dover who'd be
> interested in doing the local activism you've previously talked about or any
> other local activism/advocacy.
> The previous email contained numerous unintentional misleading statements
> about what an Ubuntu LoCo is.  The LoCo is not about user support, it's not
> about regular presentations or many "meatspace" user functions typically
> associated with a LUG.  This is covered in the URL I posted earlier about
> LoCos working with other groups.
> This topic comes from discussion on needing a LUG-like group that focuses
> on Ubuntu users and builds a support community for new users of that
> distro.  Creating an Ubuntu SIG was mentioned at the BBQ and I got Jon
> involved in the discussion at that point.  The discussion at hand is whether
> and how such a group could be formed as a GNHLUG SIG given that we have
> people interested in doing so.
> On the 501(c)(3) front, something I have a fair amount of experience with,
> there's no conflict at all.  The LoCo is and must remain a separate
> organization, this is well documented on Ubuntu's website.  It's part of the
> Ubuntu project and is managed as such, despite being a local group, GNHLUG
> has no more say over it's functions as it would over the Apache project.
> There's obvious membership cross-over, but this is expected.  The
> organizational relationship will be collaboration, not a merger, and GNHLUG
> will thus never be asked to umbrella the LoCo.  If the SIG is umbrella'ed
> it'll be able to do certain things the LoCo will not (and vice versa).
> I believe the general GNHLUG mailing list would be appropriate for the
> SIG.  I agree that many different mailing lists can be fragmentizing, and by
> getting new members joining through the Ubuntu SIG signed up to the general
> list they'll learn about other presentations being run and thus encouraged
> to attend them rather than being sandboxed in the Ubuntu SIG's camp.
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