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>  I have seen Derek's Red Hat bug reports before.  He is often rude,
>abusive, and/or insulting, none of which are productive.  You might find
>that sort of thing funny, but frankly, I think he does himself, Red Hat, and
>the community a disservice by acting that way.  It is one thing to bitch and
>moan on a independent mailing list (like this one) or around the local bar.  
>It is quite another to act that way in what is intended to be a bug
>reporting tool.

I don't disagree with any of that, I was merely stating that it's an 
amusing read.

>  Also, of the six bugs turned up by that URL you posted, four are either
>user error, local configuration, and/or "Just because Red Hat does not do
>things the way Derek Martin expects does not mean it is a bug."  (The other
>two are quite legitimate, long-standing problems.  Red Hat is *far* from

Which ones are you referring to?  In the "RH does not do things the 
way Derek expects them to be" category, I'd re-word that as "RH does 
not do things the way most sysadmins expect things to be."

Most of those gripes are a matter of RH not having experience 
sysadmins doing QA for them.  Compare Derek's complaints to what I 
would consider "standard sysadmin practices" as espoused by Evi 
Nemeth, et al, in the UNIX/Linux System Administrator's Handbook 
series.  RH violates these basic practices with their configurations 
many times.


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