Hi all,

I'm looking for a decent calendar application.  However, I'm rather 
picky, as one of the requirements for said application is that it 
support command line capability to add events to the calendar.

I don't really care about to-do lists, Palm Pilot sync'ing, etc.

All I want is a calendar which will allow me to add events, set the 
re-occuring meta-data, etc., and warn me of impending doom^H^H^H^H 
meetings.  And I have to at least be able to *add* these events from 
the command line.

Why, you may ask, do I care about command-line capability? Because I 
currently live in an environment which is completely controlled by 
Microsoft Exchange.  As a result, these people actually think that 
the ability to easily schedule meetings means we should have lots of 
them.  I do not use Outlook, rather slurp my e-mail down via 
fetchmail.  I do not want to use Evolution/Connector, because I like 
exmh much better.  If I can find a calendar application which does 
what I want, I can easily have procmail update my calendar 
auto-magically.  If I can't, it probably means I need to write my own 
app which will write out v-cal formate to something gnome-pim/gnomecal.

So, anyone know of anything like what I'm looking for?



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