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Kevin D. Clark said:

>Have you given any thought as to how you could propagate events
>entered into your private calendar back into your company's calendar?
>Or do you not find this feature to be important/necessary for your

As I stated earlier, I don't feel that feeding information back into 
the company calendar is important.  In general, I feel I only need to 
know if a meeting is scheduled, I do not feel that it is necessary 
for me to respond to every meeting I'm asked to attend to let them 
know whether I'm going to show up or not.  

The problem is, at least in big companies, that people feel the need 
to schedule meetings far too often when a simple e-mail conversation 
would suffice.  In general, people also seem to rely upon meetings to 
avoid having to make decisions on their own.  If there's a meeting to 
discuss it, and a general concesus can be arrived at, if it turns out 
to be a bad decision, there's no one to blame, since "it was mutually 
agreed upon by the attendees of the meeting".

I don't have time for all the meetings I'm scheduled for, and it 
further wastes time responding to them all; especially since I'm not 
required for most of the meetings I'm scheduled for, I'm more of an 
afterthought (not that this should suprise anyone :)

So, I only care about automating a reminder notification that there 
is a meeting scheduled.  If I have something more important to do at 
the time, I'll skip the meeting.  If not, maybe I'll show up.

In case anyone hasn't figured this out yet, I really find the 
"Exchange way of doing things" quite annoying.  Actually, to the 
point of being rude, presumptuous, and quite impersonal.  But I
won't pontificate on that here, at least not now ;)

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