In a message dated: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 11:08:16 EDT
Ben Boulanger said:

>I've used webcal for awhile now... it's really quite nice.  The newer 
>versions support sql back ends, but the one I'm using only has the option 
>of using the flat file (haven't upgraded yet).  It works perfectly fine 
>for my purposes, and, since it's just a normal flat file, making a command 
>line tool should be cake.  The file format's very simple.

Hmmm,  I may have to take a look at that.  Esp. since I'm already 
running apache on my laptop for other development stuff I'm doing.

>It does all of this, including email you about upcoming events.

Hmmm, I don't know if I need anymore e-mail :)  But that'll work :)

>I've never tried to integrate it with outlook/exchange, so I can't comment 
>on that...  

I'm not trying to integrate it with Outlook/Exchange.  I get my 
e-mail off of an Exchange server via fetchmail.  As a result, I get a 
lot of meeting requests which are formatted to be slurped into an 
Outlook calendar automatically.  Since I'm not using Outlook, this 
does me no good.  However, I can use procmail to automatically update 
any other calendar of my choosing if that calendar easily allows me 
to.  A simple file format is good, since if I have to write my own 
interface app, the easier the format, the simpler the app.


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