On Mon, 29 Jul 2002 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I'm looking for a decent calendar application.  However, I'm rather 
> picky, as one of the requirements for said application is that it 
> support command line capability to add events to the calendar.

I've used webcal for awhile now... it's really quite nice.  The newer 
versions support sql back ends, but the one I'm using only has the option 
of using the flat file (haven't upgraded yet).  It works perfectly fine 
for my purposes, and, since it's just a normal flat file, making a command 
line tool should be cake.  The file format's very simple.


> All I want is a calendar which will allow me to add events, set the 
> re-occuring meta-data, etc., and warn me of impending doom^H^H^H^H 
> meetings.  And I have to at least be able to *add* these events from 
> the command line.

It does all of this, including email you about upcoming events.

I've never tried to integrate it with outlook/exchange, so I can't comment 
on that...  



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