In a message dated: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 11:16:03 EDT
mike ledoux said:

>I've used at+mail to mail alarms to my pager for this in the past:
>       echo 'Mail -s "fscking lunch meeting" pager < /dev/null' | at 12:00 Jul 31
>For recurring meetings, use cron instead of at.  Of course, it helps to
>have a pager or cellphone that is emailable for this.  If you'd rather
>just have the alarm appear onscreen, you could use something like xmessage
>instead of Mail.

Hmmm, another great idea.  Thanks!  I think I like this one a lot, 
since my VisorPhone does have e-mail capability.  This allows me to 
use my Visor to remember events, but not intermangle my personal 
stuff with my work crap.  Hmmmmm, I'm liking it more an more :)


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