6.03.2018 21:33 Mario Blättermann <mario.blaetterm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> [...]
> Unused strings can help to find a good translation for another string.
> Well, nowadays the GUI tools like Poedit do this work using their
> translation memory. But you must not expect that just everyone works
> with specialized GUI editors. Maybe some (or some more, who knows...?)
> people prefer simple text editors, and in that case the unused strings
> can become very helpful.

This sounds like a good reason not to remove the strings, even unused.

> >
> > In the extreme cases, if the translation is too incomplete and
> > unmaintained for too long one may consider removing the language
> > from the project.
> Who is "one" in this case? Who makes the decision that it's okay to
> throw other's work away? [...]

A project maintainer/developer? I don't know. I'm not telling that
one should remove the files but just in case if someone find them
not useful enough. There are lots of cases, including the extreme ones
where only 1 or 2 strings are translated.

> In general, I'm in doubt about the benefit of your plans.

This is not my plan. My plan, or rather a suggestion, is not to touch
anything because it does not hurt. But I'm not speaking on behalf of
any project here. Take it as my own opinion.

> A shrinking
> of 3,3% of the tarball size is no real benefit. A (maybe) better
> workflow for grep is no real benefit. With some clever grep calls, it
> doesn't matter how big or "trashed" a file is. And last but not least,
> you won't benefit from removing old and unmaintained po files, because
> they don't cause extra work for you.

I fully agree with you.


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