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> 6.03.2018 21:33 Mario Blättermann <mario.blaetterm...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> [...]
>> Who is "one" in this case? Who makes the decision that it's okay to
>> throw other's work away? [...]
> A project maintainer/developer? I don't know. I'm not telling that
> one should remove the files but just in case if someone find them
> not useful enough. There are lots of cases, including the extreme ones
> where only 1 or 2 strings are translated.
Before removing such a sparse po file, it is recommendable (rather
mandatory) to contact the responsible translation team. And only in
case the team doesn't exist anymore or nobody responses within a
reasonable time frame, the file could be removed without any extra
approval. But as I already wrote, I'm in doubt of the benefit of such
an action. Maybe to get the "global control" of the project back
again...? Don't know.

>> In general, I'm in doubt about the benefit of your plans.
> This is not my plan.

Of course, this refers to Arnaud's plans, not yours.

Not to forget, instead of bothering with such rather cosmetic things,
developers could help us to make our translations better by placing as
many translator comments as possible. Well, the situation has
significantly improved over the years, but there's still a lot to
catch up.

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