2018-03-06 17:33 GMT-03:00 Mario Blättermann <mario.blaetterm...@gmail.com>:

> Unused strings can help to find a good translation for another string.
> Well, nowadays the GUI tools like Poedit do this work using their
> translation memory. But you must not expect that just everyone works
> with specialized GUI editors. Maybe some (or some more, who knows...?)
> people prefer simple text editors, and in that case the unused strings
> can become very helpful.

Virtaal uses these "Unused strings" ("obsolete #~ messages", as GNU
Gettext manual calls it [1]) as suggestion in untranslated and fuzzied
messages, also informing the difference in percentage and in words.

Yes, they are useful...

[1] https://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/gettext.html#Message-selection-4

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