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Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2016 21:46:33 -0500
From: Mervyn Lobo <>
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Subject: [Goanet] The First Goan President of the USA
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Those of you who have been following US politics long enough might remember
that Bill Clinton was touted as the first black President of the USA. Among
the less flattering reasons was that Bill and his family had lived in govt
provided housing for most of their lives.

After watching Donald J. Trump's debate performance tonight, I am convinced
that he will be the first Goan President of the USA.

Here are my reasons why:

1) When arguing, in true Goan form he skips the facts and hurls insults at
anyone opposing him.

2) He is a landlord with a loooooong memory

3) He has an aversion to paying taxes.

4) He donates to religious institutions.

5) Anyone who follows the law is immediately labeled as a ghanti and not a
proper Goan/USAn.

6) He wants to build a wall to keep people from entering his domain.

7) He has the support of all the voters who only have basic education.

8) He is the family values candidate.

9) He likes going for beauty competitions.

10) He made it clear that if he did not get the Party ticket, he would take
all his supporters and form his own party.

You could be an asset to CNN!! Good luck with that spin.

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