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"Gabe Menezes, The National Enquirer is a popular publication because it tells 
its readers exactly what they want to hear. What you may have not yet heard is 
Trump has boasted that if he does not win the elections  -  no one will
hear from him again. This scares the news companies like CNN and Faux News
who know that they will have much more viewers – and profits - over the
next four years if Trump wins."

COMMENT: I do not know who will win this election, though I believe that at 
this moment, based on the polls, HRC is the odds on favourite ( it will please 
99% of my immediate family)

BTW: I  consider CNN & BBC as trusted a news-source as Hannity on Fox. While 
waiting at Miami International for a flight up here, I watched CNN (the airport 

I invite you to carefully pay attn to the words used and topics selected and 
emitted as News.

Yep....I also 'believe' that the 1961 invasion of Goa was provoked by the 
firing upon a fishing boat by the Portuguese...and that the Bangladesh war by 
the bombing of Indian airfields by the Pakistan airplanes.....and that 
Blair-Dubya wmd stuff. Ah NYT, interesting what you wrote then about it.

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