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> Mervyn,
> You could be an asset to CNN!! Good luck with that spin.
> MD

CNN has yet to endorsed Donald J. Trump. The news organization that has
done so, is the National Enquirer. And you know the National Enquirer, they
check their facts, double check them and only then put the results of their
inquiries in print.

US politicians have been unable to grasp the popularity of the Donald. They
will be as surprised as their British counterparts on the morning they woke
up to Brexit.

One thing is sure, I got a lot of return for the small donation I made to
the Trump campaign. Now that Donald is assuring all Republicans that he
will not work with a Republican controlled House and/or Senate, I think the
time has come for me to double my donations to support the Donald's vision.

BTW, talking about spin, the organisation any spin master would like to
work for is Faux News er, Fox News.

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