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> COMMENT: The National Enquirer is an extreme right wing outlet. Since you
> will be contributing to the Trump fund once more good luck. You could make
> a nice amount of money on him winning at this site: the odds on him winning
> are fantastic. The democrats on taking the White House now stands at 85%. I
> have noticed that Faux News has slanted their news away from the Donald.

Gabe Menezes,
The National Enquirer is a popular publication because it tells its readers
exactly what they want to hear. What you may have not yet heard is that
Trump has boasted that if he does not win the elections  -  no one will
hear from him again. This scares the news companies like CNN and Faux News
who know that they will have much more viewers – and profits - over the
next four years if Trump wins.

Trump is very vocal, insisting that the US election system is rigged. As
you know, the US election system is not a popularity contest. Unlike most
countries, it does not depend on who gets the majority of votes. It is the
person who gets the electoral college votes who becomes the President.
Trump is convinced that he is going to win that, bigly.  He has got huge
amounts of people to register to vote - for the first time  - and has
called on all his supporters to go out and vote on November 28th.  I too am
expecting interesting numbers at the voting booth on that day.

As far as donations are concerned, I am told that Trump is no longer
accepting donations from his supporters  i.e. ever since some donors have
started asking for their money back. Even anonymous donations are being
turned down as Trump stresses that he is the ‘family values’ candidate for
the ‘family values’ party.

Lastly, there are several ways of making money depending on who gets into
the White House. For example, there are known baskets of stocks and ETF’s
that will jump depending on who wins. These are much better odds to play
than betting on the wrong octopus.


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