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> COMMENT: I do not know who will win this election, though I believe that
> at this moment, based on the polls, HRC is the odds on favourite ( it will
> please 99% of my immediate family)
> BTW: I  consider CNN & BBC as trusted a news-source as Hannity on Fox.
> While waiting at Miami International for a flight up here, I watched CNN
> (the airport stn).
> I invite you to carefully pay attn to the words used and topics selected
> and emitted as News.
> jc
> Yep....I also 'believe' that the 1961 invasion of Goa was provoked by the
> firing upon a fishing boat by the Portuguese...and that the Bangladesh war
> by the bombing of Indian airfields by the Pakistan airplanes.....and that
> Blair-Dubya wmd stuff. Ah NYT, interesting what you wrote then about it.


Even though Satan has sent in women to distract the voters, do not
underestimate the Republican party loyalists. Like the BJP loyalist, when
called to the polls, they will flock, heed and vote for the party nominee.
The prospect of putting Hilary in jail is enticing for the other Republican
voters - Donald knows how to handle women. The Republican voters who are
yapping about not voting for Trump do not have an alternative person to
vote for. After all, Trump is the outsider, the third party candidate,
running on the Republican ticket. Least I forget, Trump is also the author
of the wildly popular promise to build a wall.

Happily, there is no better news source for Canadians than CBC. Unhappily,
my TV service has 600 channels. While the BBC has always been my favorite,
it is somewhat of a spectator to US politics as it does not know what to
make of the current situation. CNN is the opposite, with one of its
channels devoted 24/7 to the elections. On the other channels, the late
night show hosts provide comic relief in the evenings and Faux News does
the same for the rest of the day.

Then there are the pseudo news outlets that provide the best coverage of
all, my favorite being Facebook. Thankfully, Donald has mastered this
outlet and Twitter. His twits are important. They sink ships.

Speaking of which, notice how the US military forces are 100% behind Trump
after he called Arizona Senator McCain a loser - for being a prisoner of
war during VietnamÉ


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