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> > Mervyn,
> > You could be an asset to CNN!! Good luck with that spin.
> > MD
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> MD,
> CNN has yet to endorsed Donald J. Trump. The news organization that has
> done so, is the National Enquirer. And you know the National Enquirer, they
> check their facts, double check them and only then put the results of their
> inquiries in print.
> US politicians have been unable to grasp the popularity of the Donald. They
> will be as surprised as their British counterparts on the morning they woke
> up to Brexit.
> One thing is sure, I got a lot of return for the small donation I made to
> the Trump campaign. Now that Donald is assuring all Republicans that he
> will not work with a Republican controlled House and/or Senate, I think the
> time has come for me to double my donations to support the Donald's vision.
> Mervyn
> BTW, talking about spin, the organisation any spin master would like to
> work for is Faux News er, Fox News.

COMMENT: The National Enquirer is an extreme right wing outlet. Since you
will be contributing to the Trump fund once more good luck. You could make
a nice amount of money on him winning at this site: the odds on him winning
are fantastic. The democrats on taking the White House now stands at 85%. I
have noticed that Faux News has slanted their news away from the Donald.



Gabe Menezes.

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