> On Oct 15, 2016, at 1:39 AM, Mervyn Lobo <mervyn1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Happily, there is no better news source for Canadians than CBC. Unhappily,
> my TV service has 600 channels. While the BBC has always been my favorite,
> it is somewhat of a spectator to US politics as it does not know what to
> make of the current situation. CNN is the opposite, with one of its
> channels devoted 24/7 to the elections. On the other channels, the late
> night show hosts provide comic relief in the evenings and Faux News does
> the same for the rest of the day.


I am very happy that you are able to watch Fox News through the day, BBC and 
CNN 24/7, Late Night shows in the night and CBC at the same time as the 600 
channels 'one' subscribes to ....just because.

I concede that Short Attention Span might be a major impediment to REASONABLE 
THINKING for one's own self. After all, have we not all Studied hard at 
University and Read even more ....Just to Relax and be Programmed by such 
wonderfully educated, thoughtful  and unbiased Journalists?

I previously had worked out the reason for Comrade Pinto's Kalnienkish vision. 
His private, semi-private and public postings made them all too self-evident. 
Thank you, Sir Mervyn, for alerting me to another reason for such thinking ie 
600 channels blasting 'at me.....Hence, NO time or avenue for me to THINK and 
REASON it all out for myself' !

A Very (Early) Good Morning to You and All who see this post.


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