At variance with what is posted below, I was pleasantly surprised to see that 
there was a polite and respectful discussion between the lady representative of 
the extremist Hindu organization, Dr. Jose Pereira and the organizers of the 
exhibition. The only provocation for confrontation that I saw was from Admin 

It is true that there can be multiple interpretations for scriptures, and 
literary texts, which add to its cultural value, but unfortunately religious 
folk insist on their own unique interpretation. This is true for all religions. 
The important question therefore in a secular democracy is how to deal with 
this issue. 

I for one would vote to protect artistic and academic freedom above everything 



--- On Sat, 7/31/10, augusto pinto <> wrote:
> He said that they had in their newspaper, the Marathi,
> Sanatan
> Prabhat, provocatively provided the phone numbers of the
> XCHR and
> suggested that their readers should ring up this number and
> threaten
> them.
> The intruders who could be seen to be becoming
> increasingly
> uncomfortable by the gandhigiri displayed by the
> organisers,  as well
> as the fact that they were being shown up to be an
> irrational trouble
> fomenting group, then beat a hasty retreat.


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