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Dr. Santosh Helekar wrote:
>I do not agree with Rajan that Admin Noronha is anti-Hindu. But it is
>clear to me that he is not a secular pluralist either. The grounds for
>this belief are quite obvious. Admin Noronha is driven by an
>entrenched ideology. As with all ideologies, it has outlived its
>purpose, if it had any purpose in the first place. 

My use of the term "anti-Hindu" for Admin Noronha was deliberate.

Criticism of Hinduism, Hindus, Hindu Right, Hindu Anything in itself does not
make anyone anti-Hindu.  To cite an extreme case, I have never thought 
of Nascy as anti-Hindu.  Semi-literate clown, yes.  Anti-Hindu, no.  

The "anti-Hindu" fellow harbours a deep resentment towards any assertion 
of Hindu identity or any attempt at Hindu organization, whether it is political 
or social.  Anytime he sees something which in his mind demonstrates  Hindu 
strength his instinct is to smear it, or fabricate stories to tar the 

or group.  Groups like HJS are a Godsend to him for they feed right into 
his pre-conceived narrative.

At the same time, similar expression by Christians, Jews, or Muslims elicits 
no such disapproval; indeed Muslim atrocities are whitewashed as a matter
of course.  Exhibit A of this breed is the Indian Marxist, of which we had one 
here on Goanet  (I hear that that bhailo is now fouling the air in the 
capitalist haven of Singapore. The hypocrite.)  

Admin Noronha is anti-Hindu in the sense outlined but I am not sure he is 
actuated by any ideology - that would mean that his worldview is shaped by
reflection and study, for which there is no evidence whatsoever.  What we 
know is that he is a master of the cut & paste, an agile Googlemeister, a 
garden-variety smear merchant, a  purveyor of slime & lies.  I wouldn't go 
digging into Noronha's soul looking for anything deeper. 


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their own traditions but merging slowly nonetheless and forming the thin thread 
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