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> Criticism of Hinduism, Hindus, Hindu Right, Hindu Anything in itself >does 
> not make anyone anti-Hindu.  To cite an extreme case, I have never >thought 
> of Nascy as anti-Hindu.  Semi-literate clown, yes.  Anti-Hindu, >no.  

I am not sure what Nascimento is, and I don't really care. I only like the 
entertainment he provides in the Goanet circus, and am always looking forward 
to goading him into lowering the semi-literacy level of this forum further with 
each post.

> The "anti-Hindu" fellow harbours a deep resentment towards any assertion >of 
> Hindu identity or any attempt at Hindu organization, whether it is >political 
> or social.  Anytime he sees something which in his mind >demonstrates  Hindu 
> strength his instinct is to smear it, or fabricate >stories to tar the 
> individual or group.  

I see nothing wrong in being opposed to politicization of religion, or to an 
assertion of a political (not social) identity based on religion, as long as it 
is even-handed, i.e. applied to all religions equally, if one claims to uphold 
the Indian secular outlook. The latter is where in my estimation Admin Noronha 
and others like him fall short, even after making allowance for the fact that 
minorities should receive special protection in a democracy driven by the 
majority vote.

And yes, there is no reflection, self-reflection and weighing on a case by case 
basis. There is always the same boiler-plate narrative that is applied to 
everything, and everybody who has a difference of opinion, about a political 
issue or event.



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