Santosh Helekar wrote: "I do not agree with Rajan that Admin Noronha
is anti-Hindu. But it is clear to me that he is not a secular
pluralist either... blah blah blah..."

I would like to congratulate Dr. Santosh Helekar on his ability to
twist arguments, ideas and words in such a way that others are put
completely on the defensive. This spin-doctor-ability is an absolute
marvel to me.

Look at the issue at hand. The subject is: Re: Jose Pereira at XCHR: A
Recounting of Events. I had originally raised this issue to point to
the perfidy of the Hindu Janajagriti Samiti who had through an allied
organisation - the Sanatan Saunstha - put out hate propaganda through
its newspaper the Sanatan Prabhat, and had published the phone numbers
of the Xavier Centre for Historical Research which led to a spate of
hate calls to the XCHR, wherein the 79 year old Dr. Jose Pereira was
even threatened of being decapitated.

At the XCHR  talk by  Dr. Jose Pereira, where the activists of the HJS
intruded to lecture him about their "hurt sentiments" Frederick
Noronha pointed out to them their perfidious act of publishing the
phone numbers of the XCHR and suggesting to their misguided readers
that they make threatening phone calls to the XCHR.

Santosh Helekar used this point to hijack the subject of  Jose Pereira
at XCHR: A Recounting of Events - to turn it into a diatribe against
FN. The fact that an old scholar, artist and philosopher has been
issued death threats has been drowned out in the meanwhile.

Remember, the Sanatan Saunstha is the organisation which wanted to
explode bombs on Narkasur day last year. The fact that they failed and
killed two of their own members is a different issue.

I am sure the Sanatanists will be very grateful to Santosh Helekar for
diverting attention away from this terrorist organisation and the
irony of it is that he has accused FN - who was instrumental in
pointing out to their perfidy - of being the aggressor!!

I wish to congratulate Santosh Helekar on his excellent rhetorical skills.


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