To Goanet -

Frederick Noronha wrote:
>Glad to note that the skin-deep secularists are now exposing 
>themselves on Goanet.

I am not a "secularist," never have been.  Frederick Noronha once 
again goes about his daily drip of lies and smears.

The only one who stands exposed on Goanet is Frederick Noronha.
The light is now shining on those parts of Admin Noronha where the 
sun rarely shines.

Admin Noronha should tell his fellow Catholics from the villages 
of Arossim, Cansaulim, Benaulim etc if he has been subsidized (and 
by whom) to downplay and/or deny the rampant construction 
madness in Goa.  Catholic villagers of San Jose de Areal and other
Salcette villages also want to know if Admin Noronha is subsidized 
to shill for the ghatis that have been stuffed in the voter rolls.


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In every way, the Goans of Bombay were part of the great melee that was this 
metropolis, distinct perhaps in the way communities often are, holding on to 
their own traditions but merging slowly nonetheless and forming the thin thread 
of nationhood that would eventually become India. -- Selma Carvalho, in *Into 
the Goan Diaspora Wilderness*. Available at Broadways Book Centre, Panjim [Ph 
+91-9822488564]   Price (in Goa only) Rs 295.

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