August 2, 2010

The Biggest misnomer of the day about the Goans is by Dr. Santosh Helekar's, email, which relates to the brewed contraversy on Dr. Jose Pereira's Paintings', and which I quote below:


"The biggest danger to communal peace in Goa is this breed of dregs, not the Sanatan Saunstha. ?You can take this to the bank".


It is people like Dr. Santosh Helekar who are communal biased and cannot mesticate the facts of life or reality.

Every person in his own right have freedom of expression; Be it in writing, painting or voicing, irrespective of the nature of the subject. Everthing likes in the Eyes of the Beholder. So what despicability or deplorability or disgraceful is there in Dr. Jose's Paintings? I think he needs to visit a Shrink.

To sum up in short it is people like Dr. Santosh Helekar, who are communal frenzy and these are the people need to be watched closely or else they will be detrimental to the society and the peace loving Goans.


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In every way, the Goans of Bombay were part of the great melee that was this 
metropolis, distinct perhaps in the way communities often are, holding on to 
their own traditions but merging slowly nonetheless and forming the thin thread 
of nationhood that would eventually become India. -- Selma Carvalho, in *Into 
the Goan Diaspora Wilderness*. Available at Broadways Book Centre, Panjim [Ph 
+91-9822488564]   Price (in Goa only) Rs 295.

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