Glad to note that the skin-deep secularists are now exposing
themselves on Goanet.

Earlier, the argument used to be "my bigots are better than your
bigots". Now it seems to have shifted to: "if you challenge the logic
of my bigots, I will target you instead". All while claiming the
"secular" space! FN

On 1 August 2010 05:29, Rajan P. Parrikar <> wrote:
> To Goanet -
> Dr. Santosh Helekar wrote:
>>At variance with what is posted below, I was pleasantly surprised to see that
>>there was a polite and respectful discussion between the lady representative 
>>the extremist Hindu organization, Dr. Jose Pereira and the organizers of the
>>exhibition. The only provocation for confrontation that I saw was from Admin
> I just took a look at the two posted videos.  The only piece of hostility 
> there,
> as Dr. Helekar has noted, came from the anti-Hindu, communal, muckraking,
> coward-of-a-smear-merchant Frederick Noronha.   To the likes of Admin Noronha
> and his fellow cohorts like the Commie operator Gadgil, only Hindu malfeasance
> is visible, and they will lie through their pustulated behinds at every
> opportunity
> provided by the fringe Hindu rightwing to portray the Hindu Right as the
> biggest
> danger since Nazi Germany.  At the same time, they will invent every reason
> possible to whitewash Muslim atrocities.
> The biggest danger to communal peace in Goa is this breed of dregs, not the
> Sanatan Saunstha.  You can take this to the bank.
> Now apropos of the video - I completely disagree with the lady representative
> of the HJS.  "Hurt feelings" is a lame ploy.  I say, get tough and get real.
>  Your
> faith ought not to be so fragile that some paintings somewhere rattles it.
> You also do not have any right to disrupt a private exhibition funded by
> private monies.   (You may have had a case if public monies were being
> used, in which case it should apply across the board, to all religions.)
> Finally, Sri Krishna's amorous impulses and dalliances must be
> CELEBRATED - and they indeed, are, in song and dance, if these folks knew
> anything about their own traditions - not denied or kept under wraps.  It is a
> sad commentary on today's Hindus that they have internalized Christian and
> Muslim prudery to repudiate what is a glorious aspect of their own spiritual
> and cultural tradition.

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