On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 02:40:43PM +0200, Robert Raszuk wrote:
> > An implementation could easily do this in their route-policy language
> >
> >   if ( community in ( MYAS:PEERAS:([1-9]) ) ) then
> >       set as-path prepend MYAS times $1
> >   endif
> >
> > with "MYAS" and "PEERAS" properly pre-defined in route-policy context.
> Are you suggesting to embed the action (here prepend) into MYAS:PEERAS
> fields ? 

Well, the example was not ideal.  The action would have to be part of
the 3rd field, so the match would be more along the lines of 

  if ( community in ( MYAS:PEERAS:1000([1-9]) ) ) then
      set as-path prepend MYAS times $1
  if ( community in ( MYAS:PEERAS:20([0-9][0-9][0-9]) ) ) then
      set med $1

> Last part would be a parameter ... cool.

This is what I've heard how people consider to use this, yes.

> So if I need to also send different MED I would need yet one more magic
> pair MYAS:PEERAS .... correct ?

Well, since MYAS and PEERAS are the same for a given combination of 
"my AS" and "my peer AS", bits from the (vast!) 32 bit number space
in field 3 would be needed.

But the point is: this can be *signalled* using 32:32:32 just fine,
and how easy it is to make policy statements out of this is a matter of
flexibility of the vendors's route policy language.

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