On Wed, 21 Sep 2016, Robert Raszuk wrote:

Are you suggesting to embed the action (here prepend) into MYAS:PEERAS
fields ? Last part would be a parameter ... cool.

So if I need to also send different MED I would need yet one more magic
pair MYAS:PEERAS .... correct ?

Communities have always been an ugly hack. Nobody disagrees. I'd love to have better tools to do things.

We just can't wait for them to get properly designed, agreed on, documented, implemented, tested, and then deployed.

So just give us the chance to continue with the ugly hack the same way it's been done for 20 years NOW, and we'd be grateful if there was a new great tool in 5 years. Go to SIDR, they might have need something as well. We can flesh out everybodys need over the next 6-18 months.

Design a wonderful new TLV based framework with everything we might need, do it well, it's ok if it takes 2-3 years until we're done.

But we need 32bit ASN parity with the old 16 bit ASN hack, and we need it now, we need it in deployable code in 2017. Please don't complicate things that make it a lot harder to implement.

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