On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 12:51:30PM -0400, Matthew Ringel wrote:
> Collect enough nouns and verbs, and it follows that you can have a
> language, where the specific communities might be in a common database
> (e.g. PeeringDB*), and networks can say that they support a (yet to be
> specified) standard 10-15 verbs with some set of nouns.   Most
> networks will not have a need for (say) "Export to Chile", but being
> able to construct it in a standard way is the important part.**

This is nice to have, and having a recommendation document that
shows operators "look, these are what people *typically* have been
doing with communities, and *that* is how to set the community
values to achieve things" would be a great help when building a new
policy framework.

Having this hard-coded in RFCs and code in routers is both far too 
complex to implement, and far too limited at the same time (what if
I only want "North Chile" but that isn't in the implementation?) - 
which is why I'm opting for the most simple approach: an opaque string
of bytes of a fixed length, displayed in 4:4:4 format, and all the
"what do I want to do with these?" flexibility and complexity goes
into the routing policy specified by the operator in their router

We (AS5539) use about ~20 community values under 5539:<x> today, and
we do not see any need for much more complex policies (we're a fairly
leafish AS and only limited regional coverage) - so, I see no need to
ask my vendors for a wide list of automatic and all-encompassing features
in their automatic community / policy handling.  I want something they
can implement easily, and give me a if/match/set language to achieve
my policy, in a way that it works with 32bit ASes.

OTOH, my upstreams (2914) use a very complex and strongly regionalized 
framework ("blackhole outside the country that this route was 
received in"), and they seem to be happy with 4:4:4 as well and
not having "everything built-in and applied automatically", so the
-large draft seems to work for make small and large network operators

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