On Wed, 11 Jul 2018 14:15:19 +1000, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> On Tuesday, 10 July 2018 at  8:10:08 -0700, Albert Szostkiewicz wrote:
>> As much as I wish to stay with Linux (which is my main operating
>> system) and Hougin Open software, currently I am forced to run PtGui
>> via wine to do my job as expected.
> Note that the Unix (and thus Linux) way is to have multiple programs,
> each able to perform one function and perform it well.  It looks like
> you're looking for the opposite.

The "UNIX/Linux way" also allows for scripts and other ways to combine
separate tools into one from the user perspective.  If I have a
complex pipeline of operations I want to perform I don't have to
remember them and run them all by hand; I can use a script to do that
for me.  And indeed if I look in /usr/bin, about 25% of the programs
there are in fact scripts -- programs that hide the fact that they are
actually multiple programs being combined.

>> It streamlines simple work that has to be done without requirement
>> of 3rd party software in the process.
> It still requires mouse pushing.  If you're looking for automatic raw
> conversions, you can do that too with UFRaw, which has a batch mode.
> Read in your images, run ufraw-batch on them to produce TIFF output
> files, and you're ready to go.

One less step, though.  Other than the work required (which may be
non-trivial, balanced against the fact that the Hugin developers have
other things they want to do, not to mention lives outside of Hugin),
there's no reason Hugin couldn't do the same thing.

> Just checked https://www.ptgui.com/features.html: yes, PTGui uses
> dcraw to convert the images.  That's the same program that's behind
> UFRaw.  The difference with Linux is that you have a choice of raw
> conversion tools, and that's one of the main reasons for using raw
> images in the first place.

False dichotomy; there's nothing preventing someone from using a
separate tool to convert the RAWs into TIFFs or JPEGs and invoking
PTGui on those.
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