On July 10, 2018 10:07:07 PM HST, Erik Krause <erik.kra...@gmx.de> wrote:
>Am 10.07.2018 um 17:10 schrieb Albert Szostkiewicz:
>> Personally I am interested in stitching 360 full, true HDR images. I
>> hoping to stitch and get as much of original data as I can. With
>PtGui for
>> eg. I am able to throw my Canon RAWs directly and proper exposure
>merge is
>> being applied. With Hugin I am forced to use 3rd party apps for
>> into TIFF or other format witch adds one more step of possible
>raw data is by no means image data, it's the raw reading from the
>and it's awful. PTGui uses dcraw for conversion, which does a very
>job. Using dcraw you loose almost all benefits of shooting raw
>correction of chromatic aberration, moiré, white balance, dead or hot 
>pixels, highlight restoration or noise reduction. You might well get 
>better images using jpeg straight from the camera. You don't get the 
>full dynamic range either, since dcraw clips all channels to the lowest
>channel (thus avoiding a tint in clipped highlights). It is far better 
>to use a decent and dedicated raw converter.

Well, I think dcraw actually is a dedicated raw converter (it doesn't do 
anything else) and certainly seems to offer a lot of command line options 
(including dead or hot pixels, noise reduction, highlight clipping/no 
clipping/blending/reconstruction, etc):


By the way, a blown highlight in a RAW file is a hard max value, not a color 
value outside the limits of a particular color space the way it would be in a 
image file.

Still, I prefer a more interactive and visual process. Color, sharpening, 
contrast/microcontrast, noise reduction - all very much determined by how the 
image looks. Rawtherapee lets me come up with (say) base settings for a 
panorma's component images and apply them en masse, then tweak each image as 
needed, then batch convert.

David W. Jones
wandering the landscape of god

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