On 21 June 2016 at 23:00, Dave Crossland <d...@lab6.com> wrote:
> The reason I am feeling frustration is that Adam, a board member,
> asked me to administer the board's record of decisions on the wiki,
> and my effort to do so has been fettered: reports of motion outcomes
> are reported by the chair - Walter - but I could not verify those
> votes in the public mail archive.
> Therefore I have offered a respectful motion to improve the
> functioning of the organization by requiring votes on public motions
> to be cross posted to the public mailing list and the private one in
> order to be valid.
> I am not sure why anyone opposes that motion, and why it was not
> seconded and approved.

I would like the board to discuss this in the meeting tomorrow; why do
all board members oppose that motion, refusing to second it?

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