Nope. Agree 100% with what @Tom says. The ABO is not a source code migration
tool, it is a compiler. Really -- a very weird compiler. Most compilers take
source code in and produce object code out. The ABO is a compiler that takes
object code in and produces object code out. What good is that? It takes
System 370 object code in and produces z13 object code out.

Why is that useful? Because the speed gains in the last several generations
of mainframe are not in clock/cycle speed. System 370 object code does not
run any faster on a z13 than on a z10. The gains are in new instructions.
The same functionality as that S/370 object code expressed in z13 object
code runs a lot faster.

(Please, no quibbles. Many shortcuts and generalizations in the above. If I
had been perfectly precise it would have read like a legal document. The
general points are correct.)


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Does anyone know if this product, Automatic Binary Optimizer, will actually
migrate Cobol V4 to V6 for you?  Our IBM reps are telling us that it will
actually do the migration for you.  Based on what I've read, it is a
performance product and I didn't see that capability.

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