So if you are not ready for COBOL V5/V6 migration and want the benefit of some 
of the optimizations, then ABO can take your program and attempt to optimize to 
a new program that is optimized.

However, it is not a migration.

And if you have a requirement for your applications to validate any program 
that has changed, then you may still need to do this.  It is module to module 
not source to source.

Also, if you are going to z/OS V2.2 then there is a way at the system level to 
concatenate libraries in SYS1.PARMLIB

So rather than changing Production JCL to include a PDSE you can tell MVS that 
if library A is in the JCL look in Library B first.

IEFOPZxx contains statements that define the load library data set optimization 
configuration, which could, for example, provide a list of pairings of an old 
Cobol load library and the intended new load libraries (one for each desired 
architecture level) and specifies which members are to be processed (optimized).


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> Mmmm... I wonder why they would say that?
> It takes the existing executable code of your Enterprise COBOL programs and
> optimises them for new instructions available on ARCH(!0) and ARCH(11).
> So if you hardware is up-to-date or so, it gives you a route for existing
> COBOL executables to take advantage of instructions introduces since ESA/390.
> It doesn't do anything for your source code.
> An identical program compiled with V6.1 will/should perform better than an
> ABO'd executable, because there are many more optimizations available to the
> compiler.
> If you have a large program stock (of Enterprise COBOL executables) and
> current hardware, ABO gives you a painless (except for cost, and time to do
> it) way to make use of machine instructions that didn't exist when Enterprise
> COBOL was designed. Going to V6 much more care (testing) is needed. ABO can be
> wash-'n-go.
> ABO has been discussed here a couple of times this year.

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