Mmmm... I wonder why they would say that?

It takes the existing executable code of your Enterprise COBOL programs and 
optimises them for new instructions available on ARCH(!0) and ARCH(11).

So if you hardware is up-to-date or so, it gives you a route for existing COBOL 
executables to take advantage of instructions introduces since ESA/390.

It doesn't do anything for your source code.

An identical program compiled with V6.1 will/should perform better than an 
ABO'd executable, because there are many more optimizations available to the 

If you have a large program stock (of Enterprise COBOL executables) and current 
hardware, ABO gives you a painless (except for cost, and time to do it) way to 
make use of machine instructions that didn't exist when Enterprise COBOL was 
designed. Going to V6 much more care (testing) is needed. ABO can be wash-'n-go.

ABO has been discussed here a couple of times this year.

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