l...@garlic.com (Anne & Lynn Wheeler) writes:
> count of latency to memory (& cache miss), when measured in count of
> processor cycles is comparable to 60s latency to disk when measured in
> count of 60s processor cycles.

http://www.garlic.com/~lynn/2016f.html#91 ABO Automatic Binary Optimizer

science center ... some past posts

had done virtual machines, virtual memory, paging, etc operating systems
in the 60s ... as well as lots of performance monitoring and
optimization technology. we gave POK some tutorials in the 70s when they
were migrating from os/360 to VS2 on the subject.

One of the performance optimizating technologies done by the scientific
center was eventually released to customers as "VS/Repack" ... it did
semi-optimated program organization for paging environment. These days,
caches are the modern memory, and cache misses are the modern page
faults, and latency to memory (when measured in processor cycles) is
comparable to access to paging devices.

In the 70s, lots of OS/VS products used the internal version of
VS/Repack for adapting their products to virtual memory environment
(also for use on general performance optimization ... since a of the
tools that could feed into VS/Repack and program organization could be
used for hot-spot analysis)

virtualization experience starting Jan1968, online at home since Mar1970

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