IBM is wrong. Tom is right. He lives for moments like this. ;-)

Optimization occurs at the load module end only. You might view ABO as a 
stop-gap on the road to compiler upgrade. You get savings now even while (you 
may be) upgrading at the source end. ABO-optimized code is not as efficient as 
V5/V6, but it can be substantially better than native V4 code. 

Note that Tom's reference to 'program object' does not mean that you must 
necessarily use PDSE. As discussed here before, one compiler upgrade problem 
that some shops have is historically sharing load libraries across sysplex 
boundaries. Convenient but not advisable even for PO. PDSEs cannot be shared 
that way. In order to migrate production load modules to multiple PDSEs, the 
whole migration process might have to be rewritten. That could take more work 
than the compiler upgrade itself. 

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On 10/12/2016 10:50 AM, Lopez, Sharon wrote:
> Does anyone know if this product, Automatic Binary Optimizer, will actually 
> migrate Cobol V4 to V6 for you?  Our IBM reps are telling us that it will 
> actually do the migration for you.  Based on what I've read, it is a 
> performance product and I didn't see that capability.
> Thanks to everyone in advance.

ABO only creates an optimized LOAD MODULE (program object).  It does not 
convert your source to V6, and it will not give you all the optimizations of 
V6.  Your biggest payback is if you upgrade your CPU, then you can run your 
load modules through ABO and get some of the optimization provided by the new 

Tom Conley

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