Fix list for ABO.

Looks good... except for one thing:


    * USERS AFFECTED: Users of the IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer  *
    *                 (ABO) for z/OS, v1.1 where the original      *
    *                 source program has PERFORM B THRU A          *
    *                 statements where paragraph B appears after   *
    *                 A.                                           *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Input programs that contain PERFORM B   *
    *                      THRU A statements where paragraph B     *
    *                      appears after A may be incorrectly      *
    *                      optimized by ABO. This usually results  *
    *                      in a data exception (0C7) when running  *
    *                      the optimized program but other abends  *
    *                      or error conditions are also possible.  *
    * RECOMMENDATION: Apply the provided PTF.                      *
    *                                                              *
    ABO was fixed to correctly optimize input programs that contain
    these specific kinds of PERFORMs.

Problem conclusion

    ABO was modified to correctly optimize the input program, and
    the resulting optimized program no longer produces the data
    exception nor other abends or conditions not present in the
    original program."

More "sales" talk: "incorrectly optimizes" - well, the program broke, I suppose 
that counts as "incorrect".

Is a broken program of this type (I'd guess control "fell through" rather than 
doing the return code) always going to Abend? No. Eeeks on this one. If you've 
ABO'd, verify no use of PERFORM A THRU PERFORM B, where B is physically located 
prior to A.

Yes, I know writing a PERFORM like that is nuts, but... nuts happens.

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