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Hello IBM-MAINers,
I wanted to ask about the usefulness of the IBM Education Assistance (IEA) for 

A little background:  IEA is found here:  
http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks.nsf/pages/IBMIEAV22avail?Open and provides concise 
and technical information about a specific function introduced in z/OS.  For instance, 
there is a module there for Dynamic Logrec in z/OS V2.2.    It is intended to be a 
"one stop shopping" location for new enhancements in a z/OS release.  Of 
course, all information can also be found in the appropriate z/OS books.  We've had IEA 
for both z/OS V2.1 and V2.2.

My questions are:
1)  is this is still a good way to provide this information to you?
2) with all the other ways to learn about new functions, is IEA still needed by 
3) are there particular topics in IEA that you like and want to continue to see 
in the future?  if so, which ones?

Thanks in advance for any opinions you'd like to share.
-Marna WALLE
z/OS Installation, IBM Poughkeepsie

I can only speak for myself, but I had no knowledge that IEA even existed. I've now skimmed a few of the presentations and they look useful.

The page referenced by your link shows only 2.2 items. I don't see any benefit to removing items for all but the latest release.


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