On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 15:58:12 -0500, Janet Graff <janet.gr...@yahoo.com> wrote:

>I have an application and I want to change the the userid.  I have the RACF 
>macros coded but I'm having trouble coming up with the >source of TERMID.  
>Where do I get the TERMID?

It would help to know why you want to do that, and what you intend to do after 
you have the ACEE. It's possible that there are alternatives that would be 
better, which we might recommend if  we had some more information.

However, you don't _need_ a  TERMID unless you're doing a RACROUTE 
REQUEST=VERIFY for a user's TSO session. It's certainly not related to the 
error message you're getting, which is quite clearly due to an invalid user ID. 
You probably got that error message because you've said that the length of the 
user ID is 8, but MYUSER is only 6 characters long. That won't work.


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