I am by no means an expert on this topic but keep in mind of course -- in 
addition to Walt's excellent tips -- that not every customer uses RACF: some 
use CA TSS and some use CA ACF2. While a lot of the behavior of the three 
subsystems is the same, some behavior is definitely different. Does it affect 
what you are doing here? I don't know. The three systems are surprisingly 
compatible in many ways (and totally different in others). I don't know enough 
to warn you of specific gotchas, but at the very least you should be aware that 
they could exist and think about testing in the TSS and ACF2 environments.


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>It would help to know why you want to do that, and what you intend to do after 
>you have the ACEE. It's possible that there are alternatives that >would be 
>better, which we might recommend if  we had some more information.

>However, you don't _need_ a  TERMID unless you're doing a RACROUTE 
>REQUEST=VERIFY for a user's TSO session. It's certainly not related to the 
>>error message you're getting, which is quite clearly due to an invalid user 
>ID. You probably got that error message because you've said that the >ength of 
>the user ID is 8, but MYUSER is only 6 characters long. That won't work.



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