>Put the address of the new ACEE in ASCBSENV and/or TCBSENV as appropriate?

>J R

I think it's ASXBSENV. 

For my test application TCBSENV is 0.

I get a S0C4 when I do attempt to replace ASXBSENV despite being authorized and 
in supervisor mode.  It feels like there is a RACROUTE macro or equivalent that 
says "start using this ACEE" which will put the value in ASXBSENV and probably 
update ASXBUSER?  

I see references to the RACINIT macro which has similar parameters but it 
appears to be a parallel function to RACROUTE ENVIR=CREATE and not a sequencing 
thing, that is you aren't supposed to do RACROUTE ENVIR=CREATE and then RACINIT 

For what I'm trying to do, that is create a new secondary ACEE and run under 
this new ACEE's authority, would the RACINIT macro be more appropriate?


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