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> I changed the TERMID to point to a D'0' but I'm getting the same error message
> ICH408I JOB(JIGRACF ) STEP(RUN     )  944
> Which I think implies that it thinks I'm a terminal user, even though it has 
> binary zeros for the TERMINAL value in the ICH408I message.

It *does* think you're a terminal user, but that's because you used
TERMID= in the first place. Just don't specify it at all. If you
specify it as D'0', RACINIT (invoked by RACROUTE) will generate a
non-zero pointer to it, and then it will get mentioned in any
messages, and possibly used as part of logon checking. But as Walt
points out, the problem is not with the TERMID, but with the userid.
One could argue that the ICH408I message is a bit unclear, but it's
the standard "userid not found" that happens to mention the (null)
terminal name in passing.

Also... These are problematic if they are this way in your actual
source. (Of course I understand you may have posted an abbreviated
example here):

         MVC   USERLEN,8
         MVC   USERID,=CL8'MYUSER   '
         MVC   PSWLEN,8

Those two length MVCs should almost certainly be MVIs. Or you can use
MVC with =FL1'8' if you prefer. (While you're there, turn on the HLASM
option "PAGE0". I know it has saved me much debugging angst, and it
may do the same for you some day even if this isn't part of the
current problem.) And the length you tell RACF for the userid (and
password, for that matter) must match the actual userid's length - not
that of the blank-padded field it's in.

> Also I suspect I might be archaic by using RELEASE=1.9.2, is there a more 
> appropriate value for this decade?

I've been using 7730 for some time. Certainly 7730 is of this
millennium, but it's probably time that I looked into its antiquity

Tony H.

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