>Thanks for the info. It helps a bit, but not enough. 

>First, just to make sure you know, you can't do a RACROUTE REQUEST=VERIFY 
>while running in cross-memory mode. You would need to create a >request for 
>another task running in your server primary, queue the request to the task, 
>and suspend the cross-memory task until you have an >answer.

>Next, doing a VERIFY for a user ID is not  really sufficient in the general 
>case, as there are many other aspects of the user's security environment >that 
>could affect the answer to an authorization check (group name, terminal name 
>or other port of entry, SECLABEL etc.). At a minimum you should >use the 
>UTOKEN as input to the VERIFY (if you have to create a new ACEE) but even that 
>is not sufficient in some cases. So, if you're doing this for a >product (as 
>opposed to a bit of home-grown code just for your own company's use) then you 
>need to rethink how much data you capture. For >example, it may be much better 
>to use a RACROUTE REQUEST=EXTRACT TYPE=ENVRXTR to get a copy of the user's 
>ACEE, and then recreate it in >your address space using RACROUTE 

>But even before that, what kind of checks do you plan to make using the ACEE 
>once you have it? (What resource class, for example?) If you're lucky >they 
>will be checks that you could perform using the existing user's ACEE rather 
>than rebuilding one. That would be both more efficient, and give you >a much 
>simpler overall design.



Thanks for the reply!

The cross memory mode for the system level task code is all written and has 
been in the field for many years.  (chances are I'm going to bolix up this 
explanation but I'll give it a go) The system level code uses an RACROUTE 
FASTAUTH or AUTH to verify General Resource Profiles with a pointer to the 
callers ACEE for it's own use.  It doesn't EXTRACT anything from the ACEE but 
uses it for authorization checks. In any case my little test program doesn't 
get involved in all that.  

What I'm trying to write is a stand alone assembler test program, that runs in 
Batch under a userid.  The test program creates a secondary ACEE using a hard 
coded userid and password that is just used for testing purposes.  Then using 
this secondary ACEE it invokes the cross memory services support to the system 
level task that will eventually use either the primary or the secondary ACEE to 
validate access to resources.

So I've got the return zero creating the secondary ACEE, but it appears that 
after that, when I invoke the cross memory services it's done using the ACEE 
from the primary id.  What do I have to do to switch to using the secondary 


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