Well, it's an excellent question Tom, but needs to be directed to people at 
sites that do that :-)

Pushed for an answer, I'd say "no". But, if you have.... and it ends up being 
the same asnwer as for ABO, which is why you've posed the question.

IBM actually recommends slapping OPT on three minutes before the program enters 
Production. Issue cited is the extra time for a compile, which is compounded to 
some extent with V5+ (a bit less so with V6+, due to use 64-bit code in the 
compiler). When is a program most compiled? During development/program testing. 
If concerned about time taken for a compile, OPT is not needed there. Out of 
that stage, the program is either recompiled once, or once per testing stage - 
no real problem to have it compiled with everything that it will use in 
Production (principally this is OPT and "monitoring" options, like SSRANGE).

So, I wouldn't go "up the line" without OPT, but if that were the rules for a 
particular site (I'd try to change the rules) I'd do my CYA (establish risk of 
the weird) and argue against re-testing.

As with ABO, it's not OPT I'm afraid of, it is the potential of bad programs. 
It is not that I necessarily expect the testing done to reveal a bad program 
which intermittebtly and obscurely behaves badly, it is that the program which 
has been tested up to that point I can guarantee wouldn't have failed any tests 
done just by slapping OPT on last thing.

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