The idea of making any kind of last-minute change just before production makes 
my skin crawl. Even when we (rarely) install an emergency PTF, we insist on 
running the code at least on the sandbox and preferably on the development 
system before hitting production. I would call it irresponsible to move any 
object-code instance to production without at least some testing, including 
compiled COBOL. 

If I were in charge, OPT would be specified from the get-go. Likewise I would 
expect ABO code to be tested at least cursorily before jumping into prime time.

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Call me conservative after many years in this business but I say Yes. In my 
experience optimization sometimes exposes bugs that previously were masked. I 
have little experience with COBOL, but COBOL is notorious for allowing invalid 
constructs like array subscript over-cleverness.


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On Thu, 13 Oct 2016 05:44:51 -0500, Bill Woodger wrote:

>Recompiling a program with no changes. Do you "regression test"? No.


So, if someone compiles their COBOL program without optimization and tests it, 
then compiles it with optimization before putting it into production, does it 
need to be tested again?

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