>I'm afraid we still don't know enough about how your cross-memory server is 
>operating. In an earlier post you implied that it will choose whether to >use 
>the primary or secondary ID. How does it make that choice? And how does it 
>find both of them.

>If you change ASXBSENV you are changing the primary ID, not creating a 
>secondary one as (I think) you mentioned. That is dangerous and may ?>have 
>side effects you haven't thought about.

>For simplicity and safety,you could attach a subtask, and do the VERIFY (and 
>the cross-memory call) from that subtask. Then, on the VERIFY, if you >omit 
>the ACEE parameter RACF will (as documented in the RACROUTE book) put the ACEE 
>address into TCBSENV for you. If the cross-memory server >is setup correctly 
>it should find the ACEE there.


Thanks Walt!

The cross memory server is designed to handle callers from CICS, IDMS and other 
environments like that.  For my test program I want to simulate the secondary 
ACEE that occurs in those environments without the test harness overhead of 
using those actual environments.  So really do need a primary ACEE and a 
secondary ACEE.

I will code up the attached subtask.

For my clarification,  I current have just the one main task that does a 
the ACEE as follows

               ENVIR=CREATE,USERID=(R5),PASSWRD=(R6),ACEE=(R8),        X
               GROUP=(R10),                                            X

And you are advising me to put this in an attached subtask to my test program 
and remove the ACEE parameter?  Will I need to specify additional parameters in 
that case?  ISTR that without the ACEE parameter I was getting the '*' in the 
ACEE's userid as per the doc (sort of), but that was when I was running the 
VERIFY in the main task.

"1. If you omit USERID, GROUP, and PASSWRD and if you code ENVIR=CREATE or if 
ENVIR=CREATE is used as the default, you receive a return code of X'00' and 
obtain an ACEE that contains an asterisk (*) (X'5C') in place of the USERID and 
group name. "


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