On Thu, 13 Oct 2016 00:29:58 -0500, Janet Graff <janet.gr...@yahoo.com> wrote:

>Aha, I just released I have to be in Key 0 to store into the ASXB.  Can 
>someone confirm that to change the ACEE in use, I have to update ASXBSENV? 
>That there is no macro that will do this for me?

I'm afraid we still don't know enough about how your cross-memory server is 
operating. In an earlier post you implied that it will choose whether to use 
the primary or secondary ID. How does it make that choice? And how does it find 
both of them.

If you change ASXBSENV you are changing the primary ID, not creating a 
secondary one as (I think) you mentioned. That is dangerous and may have side 
effects you haven't thought about.

For simplicity and safety,you could attach a subtask, and do the VERIFY (and 
the cross-memory call) from that subtask. Then, on the VERIFY, if you omit the 
ACEE parameter RACF will (as documented in the RACROUTE book) put the ACEE 
address into TCBSENV for you. If the cross-memory server is setup correctly it 
should find the ACEE there.


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