>The real question is whether dynamic _deletion_ and subsequent
>_replacement_ of a wrongly-defined IPL-time HMCS specification will
>work. On the surface it seems like it ought to work, but I think there's
>a reasonable chance it won't...

Well, it does. :-) The only surprise was that I had to issue the SETCON DELETE 
command on the system the HMCS console was attached to. I had thought that 
since console definitions are sysplex in scope, I could issue the command 
anywhere in the plex and have it internally routed to the system the console is 
attached to. But that's not a problem.
So I deleted the console named HMCS, did a SET CON=xx on the system HMCS was 
formerly defined to, and voila, a subsequent d c,f,cn=(name) was showing me the 
newly named HMCS&sysname. in standby mode.

Oh, and by the way - I erroneously did the t con=xx *before* deleting the 
console named HMCS. Apparently there can be only one HMCS console on any one 
system, because the second name, HMCS&sysname., did not show up until I had 
deleted the HMCS console named HMCS.

Problem solved.


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