As of z/OS 2.1, consoles can be added or removed dynamically. It certainly 
applies to MCS/EMCS consoles, but I don't know about HMCS consoles. This 
dynamic process builds control blocks necessary to support a console being 
added. For HMCS, you may need an IPL on each system. 

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>If you need help setting them up, send me an offline email and I can direct 
>you through it.  It will take you all of about 10 minutes to do the OSA 
>changes and another 5 to generate the NIP OS consoles in your IODF.

Thanks Brian, we do have those consoles set up (someone else did it), and the 
HMCS worked great for NIP. Due to the wrong definition I could only use one per 

To answer my own question: This morning I went and deleted the console named 
HMCS in the sandplex. I corrected the definition to now specify this:
        INTIDS(Y) LEVEL(ALL) UNKNIDS(Y) ROUTCODE(1-10,11-128) (Note that I also 
limit mscope now to make health checker happy. And we use 4 character system 

Then I IPL'd the system where the console named HMCS was once active. The new 
console HMCSxxxx activated just fine. And a good thing it did because the 
Operating System Messages console is complete crap - the last message it was 
showing was a listing of my IEASYSxx parms. I was running blind until NIP was 
done. IBM will need to fix this - I have encountered it several times now.

It turns out that the other system in the sandplex still cannot activate an 
HMCS console, not even console HMCSyyyy. Now that I saw this, it makes sense 
because an MCS console has control blocks built at IPL and (AFAIK) at IPL only, 
and there simply are no control blocks to describe the new HMCSyyyy console on 
the not-yet-IPL'd system. We'll take care of that during the day when we move 
that other system to the z13.


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