On 10/17/2016 10:05 AM, Jesse 1 Robinson wrote:
As of z/OS 2.1, consoles can be added or removed dynamically. It certainly 
applies to MCS/EMCS consoles, but I don't know about HMCS consoles. This 
dynamic process builds control blocks necessary to support a console being 
added. For HMCS, you may need an IPL on each system.

Yes, dynamic console activation/deactivation applies to HMCS. That happens to be the specific example I used in my oft-repeated z/OS 2.1 User Experiences presentation at SHARE. I used the name HMCS&SYSLONE.A (not sure why the 'A') but whatevs...

The real question is whether dynamic _deletion_ and subsequent _replacement_ of a wrongly-defined IPL-time HMCS specification will work. On the surface it seems like it ought to work, but I think there's a reasonable chance it won't...

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