Hello IBM-MAINers,
With IBM using continuous delivery across the entire z/OS platform and in many 
cases introducing new functions within the service stream, there are now two 
ways to quickly learn about those APARs (aka SPEs):

1) Subscribe to receive notification of those APARs right after the APAR 
closes, via email or subscription list.  See WSC Techdoc 
http://www-03.ibm.com/support/techdocs/atsmastr.nsf/WebIndex/PRS5188 for 
information on how to do this.  

2) Refer to the website for a "history" of closed APARs, available in HTML ad 
CSV formats.  See 
http://www.ibm.com/systems/z/os/zos/installation/zosnfapars.html .   There are 
details on this website on what is included in this "history".

Of course, you still will want to watch for product announcements, but these 
two ways are nice in that you can see New Function APARs in a consolidated 
manner.  We are hoping that these two methods will help you find new functions 
in a helpful way.  If you have any comments about this,  please respond here, 
or email me if you prefer.

-Marna WALLE
z/OS System Installation, IBM Poughkeepsie

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